Basic Bookkeeping Services

Services are available for both Business and Personal Finances

Keeping you strong with clear financial reporting monthly to help you understand your financial performance and position, which will give you peace of mind to help you make informed decisions.

  • Reconcile bank accounts (checking, savings, investments)
  • Reconcile credit card accounts
  • Reconcile loan balances
  • Properly classify personal and business expenses mixed together
  • Financial reports
  • Questions and support
  • Monthly review meeting
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription
  • Rewind (backup) app subscription
  • Preparation for year-end/tax filing (personal only)
  • Budgeting (includes debt management and tracking)
  • Forecasting
  • Monthly strategy meeting

Making you financially solid. Focus on the areas to make more money, areas that may have run wild, and adjust your plan out into the near future.

Additional Services

Available to be included with Business and Personal Finances

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Catch Up on Prior Periods

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Additional Custom Reporting

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Process Improvement & Automation

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Password Management

Notes on pricing:

  • One-time setup fees are not included.
  • You will incur at least twice the cost with a CPA handling your bookkeeping.
  • In order to have the entire financial picture – especially at tax time – you’ll need to have your personal finances in order, in addition to your business finances.
  • How much is your time worth to you? Think about the hourly value of your time spent trying to handle your bookkeeping yourself. If you have a professional like myself take care of everything, you will have all that time back, along with a lower cost to you.